My mission is to help you live an informed and inspired life of optimal health!

With a logical and science-driven thought process combined with a creative outlook and unconventional background, I love teaching and guiding people to be proud of the choices they make every day. And I'm working hard to give you the tools you need to thrive!

I started as a child in love with exercise tapes. Yes, tapes. VHS. Remember? Jane Fonda and The Firm series were early favorites. Do you remember the bit at the end of The Firm discussing the body, biomechanics, and anatomy? Yes, I watched that part, too - repeatedly.

Think that sounds like a weird kid? Get this: I'm also a lifelong vegetarian (became vegan at age 24). Due to that, I had to start learning about nutrition basically as soon as I started eating at my friends' houses. Not because I had to make a big effort to eat a certain way; it was just so that I could answer their parents' questions! So, not only did I have to learn more about food than I cared to at 5 and 6 years old, but I had to learn how to explain food to others. It's a wonder that I wasn't endlessly bullied, right?

I started dancing late for a girl: 8 years old in my first ballet class. Straight through into my 20s, I continued to explore dance and was obsessed with how to make movements "click" in my body. Thoughts such as, "Point your ankle, not just your toes," were always racing in my mind. With this sort of practical and detailed focus, the transition to teaching Pilates was an organic one. My first Pilates mentor, Jeanette Palmer, changed everything in my world by asking me to "pull" my shoulders down rather than "push" my shoulders down. Magical!


For a few years, a lot was happening: I got certified on all of the Pilates Machines, Redcord Active Suspension, Thai Yoga Massage, and I was blessed to become one of the first Master Instructors for AntiGravity Fitness (THE world leader of the Aerial Fitness genre!) and traveled the world training teachers. At the same time, I was starting to study aerial arts here and there, received my first Certification as a Nutrition Counselor, and was bartending all over New York City. Sometimes those worlds collided, as you can see by my impromptu performance during a shift (photo at right). Thank you to the drunk customer who took this shot on his phone!

After a few years of leading a triple-life, the world of Wellness had embraced me fully. Yes, I left behind the glamorous (NOT) career of tending bar. Why?

Because I saw people's lives change right before my eyes!


People wanted to know how I had so much energy, so I gave them my morning smoothie recipe. They felt the difference. With more changes I saw hernias vanish, skin problems clear, and even reduction/elimination of some medications.

I met people with supposedly "bad backs" and worked with them, watching pain disappear rapidly by simply moving and conditioning the body correctly.

Leading Instructor Trainings for AntiGravity Fitness and Pilates Academy International on 3 continents taught me that, no matter where they are from and no matter what they know, everyone is seeking clarity.

I saw my aerial fitness students finding new motivation to build strength and agility so that they could accomplish amazing creative expression DURING THEIR WORKOUT.


So, here we are! After 5 incomparable years working with AntiGravity Fitness Creator, Christopher Harrison, and the guidance of incredible leaders in the Pilates world (including Katherine and Kimberly Corp and "Elder" Lalita San Miguel), I spread my wings and have started creating new classes (such as CoreAerial for Body & Pole), launching aerial fitness programs in independent studios, and leading Workshops/Master Classes geared toward fitness instructors as well as clients that cover topics ranging from Nutrition for Performance, to anatomy, to choreography series. It is thrilling to work with the public, dancers and performers of all kinds, and I get a special kind of joy working with other Fitness and Wellness pros!

Now, through the magic of the "interwebs," I am thrilled to be able to support you and as many others as possible on the road to informed and inspired healthy living!

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Thank you ever so for visiting.

Here's to your Vibrant Health,

-Jill C.


Just a few of my trainings/titles over the years, in no particular order:

Currently certified on all Pilates Machines through Pilates Academy International (with a background training with other programs such as LindaFit)

Pilates Reformer I/II with Pilates Elder Lalita San Miguel

AntiGravity Fitness Master Instructor for 5 years; worked directly with creator Christopher Harrison; trained hundreds of instructors on 3 continents in AG Fundamentals I/II, AG Supension Fitness I/II, AG Aerial Yoga I/II, AG Pilates; consulted on the development of AntiGravity Pilates; maintained the role of editor for AG educational materials for four years and consulted on program development

RedCord Active suspension system, certified in all progressions

Course Instructor for Pilates Academy International, leading trainings for the ABP (Anatomy, Biomechanics, Posture Analysis) and APM (All Populations Mat) courses

Creator of the CoreAerial program at Body & Pole in NYC

Thai Yoga Massage Foundations with the College of Osteo Thai

Certified Nutrition Counselor through Cornell University

Flexibility Conditioning through elevatED

Education Coordinator for bodyART Americas

Currently completing second nutrition certification through the Nutritional Education Institute