What is fitness to you?

Is it an obligation? Is it a series of goals to work toward, boosting your confidence at every milestone? Is it saving your life and healing you from chronic pain?

Is it your career? Do you work in a job that requires you to be at your physical peak on a regular basis? Do you teach others to move their bodies to improve agility, strength, stamina?

Is it therapy for you, keeping you happy and sane? Is it a tool to look and feel your best every day?


Every single one of these perspectives is absolutely relevant and true. Do you identify with several of these ideas above? Maybe you would even say yes to ALL of them!

For me, fitness is a beautiful and complex puzzle.

I love to use everything at my disposal to figure out what makes a body tick and what holds a body back. Few things thrill me more than that "lightbulb moment" when a client feels two new puzzle pieces fitting together for the first time! Best of all?? I love the inspiration of it all - why do we put in so much time to put a puzzle together? Because we feel a deep connection to what we're building and we know that there is no option other than to see it through!

That's why I teach. That's why I'm not focused on being a full-time performer. Do I enjoy performing? Absolutely. But I love figuring out puzzles even more!

By using tools that inspire and motivate, we achieve a complete mind-body-spirit connection with movement that propels us forward. These same tools also help me assess habits and imbalances that may be holding you back from your peak performance. Every single training that I take and every single apparatus that I employ offer comprehensive and science-based results ranging from the therapeutic to strengthening to flexibility enhancement.

Please explore the Calendar to see descriptions and times of what fitness opportunities I'm currently offering the public in NYC. A full list of my fitness offerings are below, along with a fun video giving you peak at one of the classes that I created to push people past their plateau.

Do you have questions? Want to work together? Say hello and tell me:

What MOVES you?

Take Care,

-Jill C.

Aerial Fitness/Training offerings include: CoreAerial, Aerial Contortion, Hammock Fluidity, and unique series and workshops for specific populations. Group and Private Sessions available

Pilates Machines and Mat: Private and Semi-Private Sessions available. Group Mat may also be arranged.

RedCord Active Suspension: A system developed by Physical Therapists in Norway, this system is intricate and incomparable when it comes to re-balancing the body and creating incredible strength (regardless of your fitness level now). Private and Semi-Private Sessions available

TRX: Private and Semi-Private Sessions available

Flexibility Conditioning (Mat): Group and Private sessions available

CoreAerial is a conditioning class created to help you get strong and prevent injuries by strengthening your core while getting a full body workout. Work with bands, mat and an aerial hammock amongst other techniques to harness your deepest strength with precision conditioning and give yourself the strongest foundation for all the ways you move and all the ways you play.