"I started working with Jill Carnegie four years ago when I was recovering from a back injury. She helped me to strengthen my back and now I am stronger and more flexible than I was before the injury. Ms. Carnegie's knowledge and commitment to her clients is outstanding."

-Deborah K.

"I would consider myself a relatively athletic person, but I could never get behind Pilates. I had done a series of Pilates mat classes and I didn't react very well to them. So I went to Jill with serious reluctance. After working with her, I went from fearing classes to craving a session with Jill when too much time elapsed in between sessions. I see a significant improvement in my posture and just my general ability to hold up my body. Jill challenges you while making you feel safe to stretch and grow. I am so much stronger now. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

-Ginelle N.


"After taking this class, I knew I was hooked. It's remarkable how much of an impact the class makes on my total body, allowing for not only better alignment and posture, but overall strength. Jill has the ability to motivate, highlight my strengths, and adapt to my current abilities. I know I can count on Jill to further each experience with the variety and knowledge she has as an instructor. That confidence in the material and passion for health and wellness is reassuring."

-Greg M.


"So glad I got to start my AntiGravity journey with you! You made our studio come alive and allowed us to bring AntiGravity to over 2,000 Clevelanders to date!"

-Mary R.


"Working with Jill is amazing. Not only is she an expert in terms of Pilates, but she understands the way your entire body integrates together and works with you specifically on areas you need help with. As a runner, it is important to me that all of my different trainings work together to keep me healthy and this is Jill's number one concern as well. Every time we meet, the first thing she asks is how I am feeling and what I have happening for the week. She works hard to ensure that my overall fitness is understood and not just one aspect over another."

-Jodi B.


"Jill is an incredibly strong leader with an ability to be both professional and personable at the same time. She is a clear teacher and seamlessly takes charge, relaying concepts efficiently, directly and in a concise manner. Jill continuously shows me leadership and support whenever I am in need. She is reliable and available as a mentor and a friend."

-Lalita O.


"I highly recommend taking Jill's aerial fitness mind-altering and total body conditioning class. You will achieve length in your spine and perky glutes, no matter what your age might be."

-Jill V.


"Jill's style of teaching is hardcore, but made fun by her personality. She has a way of watching everyone in the class and making necessary adjustments or telling students what to do to maximize the exercise. Her attention to form and posture is outstanding."

-Jonah C.